Leather Love

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Caring for your Leather

Top 10 tips x


1.  Protect your leather with a water protectant before use. When using leather creams or sprays always do a patch test on a hidden area to ensure you don't damage or ruin the surface of your bag

2.  Keep leather dry, but if it does get wet, allow the bag to dry naturally

3.  Keep away from direct sunlight and high temperatures (like your hair dryer)

4.  When your bag is not in use keep it in a cool, dry place

5.  Everyday oils can penetrate your leather bag and stain forever - so watch out for       moisturisers, sunscreen and sticky fingers

6.  As tempting as it may be, do not overfill your bag as leather stretches - and does not bounce back

7.  Our products are dark, so during the first month avoid wearing light clothing as the dye may transfer

8.  When you're not using your bag, keep it stuffed with the original tissue to help it keep its shape   

9.  Each week give your bag a little bit of love and wipe it down with a soft, clean, dry cloth

10. Air your bag out every two weeks to prevent the risk of mould and every 6 months apply a leather conditioner to the surface of the bag to help protect and restore the hide


A little care will give your bag a longer life, which BLACK MOON & the earth will love you for!