Leather vs Synthetic

Why we choose leather.
A synthetic (chemically produced) handbag will always win the debate against a leather handbag for most vegans and we totally respect their decision for this, but below we hope to give you some fresh information about each choice when purchasing a new handbag. 
The majority of the industry uses PU (Polyurethane) which has two big ethical challenges 1. It is non recyclable and 2. It is non biodegradable. 
On average after one year of full use a synthetic bag will break in key places - The handles, seams or zip closure. When there is damage to synthetic material it will most likely be un-mendable or cost exhaustive to fix the bag. The next destination for your synthetic bag is generally the rubbish bin - which will continue on to landfill, never to leave this earth. 
Can look and feel much like leather, but cost much less
Lighter to carry
Easy to wipe clean and look after 
Longevity is limited
Doesn’t age well, over time creases and scratches show as faults which make the material look damaged
Un-mendable in most instances
Non recyclable 
Non biodegradable 
A quality leather bag can literally last a lifetime, and when one element finally does wear out it most likely can and will be repaired. Leather is like a work of art and with care it will antique and transform over a life time into something better and more loved. 
BLACK MOON’s leather hide is a by-product of NZ’s meat industry. When the cows are sold for their meat the hide is then brought by the tannery as a by-product and processed. Our hides are dictated by the meat industry demands not the other way around. 
The tanning process also is conscious of the environmental + social impact it has, the tannery holds Telarc’s ISO quality certification and is committed to providing a safe working environment for its staff. Wastewater produced during leather manufacture is treated in an environmentally responsible manner at the tannery’s own onsite treatment facility first, where our Tannery removes the sulphides (which are treated and become sulphites) and chrome (gets reused within the process) from the effluent before it is sent to the local treatment plant where it is further treated along with local residential wastewater.
Durable - can last a lifetime
Leather becomes softer and more desirable over time
Can be mended if something wears or breaks
Needs looking after, however with a little maintenance and care you will have a beautiful bag for life
Cost - They are more expensive however when working out the CPW (costs per wear) over the handbags lifetime the value for money outweighs the cheaper synthetic version. 
Here at BLACK MOON we would choose leather time and time again - with the knowledge of where the leather came from and how it was tanned. 
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