Sometimes the true value of something isn't immediately obvious at a quick glance. But dig a little deeper and you might find all sorts of unexpected beauty.

When we decided to move to Noosa we were excited. Amazing beaches, stunning weather, and chill vibes. How could we not be?

When we actually arrived we were faced with a daunting feeling of regret. The beaches, weather and chill vibes were on point. But where was the local culture? Honestly, it felt like we were the only people who actually lived here and everyone else was a tourist.

What had we gotten ourselves into? Had we moved to the most beautiful yet boring town on earth?

Coming from Melbourne, one of the culture capitals of the world, it was a shock to the system when we realized that, in Noosa, not many people stay up later than 9pm, and almost everyone gets up by 6am. Its almost impossible to get dinner after 8pm. And the local trivia nights aren't like the ones in Brunswick - theres a much lower alcohol consumption level and a much higher average age.

Needless to say, we were worried.

In Melbourne, we were so used to having culture and good vibes blatantly available that we'd lost our ability to spot the hidden gems. But as the weeks, months and years ticked by our eyes opened and our list of cool places to eat, hang, drink and explore grew longer.

Steven Hawkin said "quiet people have the loudest minds". We found that quiet towns have the most hidden gems - they're just way harder to find. 
This guide should help. Enjoy! 
Aimee xx



BLACK MOON guide - Padre Coffee
BLACK MOON guide - Noosa Padre - Travel Australia



Hello, dream space! When Padre opened we were pretty damn excited to see this Melbourne coffee roaster grace the coast. It's hidden in the industrial area, so not your typical 'stumble across' sort of location, but it's worth seeking out. Behind the baristas and seating area, you'll see the beautiful back of house complete with roasting machines. While they don't have a menu of food options here, you'll be able to grab a tasty pasty if you're there early enough. The almond croissants are my go-to eeeeverry time. 
You can 'cup with the roasters' every Saturday at 11am - think wine tasting at a winery, only coffee at a cafe... 


BLACK MOON guide - Noosa Padre - Australian Travel

These little gems are scattered along the national park coastline and are the perfect place for a dip while you explore the national park. The one pictured is on the point between Granite Bay and Hell's Gate. You do need to get off the signed track and do some rock scaling to find these beauties. Stay safe. 



BLACK MOON guide - Noosa Fairy Pools
BLACK MOON guide - Noosa Fairy Pools



Abby Rose
This local lass is killing it in the swimwear scene. As her website explains, her swimwear pieces not only look good but also do good.
The Lycra they use in their collections is made from 100% regenerated pre and post-consumer waste, including discarded fishing nets, carpet, clothing and fabric scraps - insane! Her beautiful wee store has recently celebrated one year being open, and you'll find it in Noosa Junction, right next to Paradise Arcade. 



BLACK MOON guide - Noosa Abby Rose - Travel Australia
BLACK MOON guide - Noosa Abby Rose - Travel Australia



Land and Sea

Land and Sea, Noosa's first craft brewery, opened their doors in early 2018 and the locals couldn't be happier! In their words, they create products that are inspired by, celebrate and compliment the area we live in. The space is huge, well designed and perfect for a Sunday session or arvo lunch. 

You can even grab a 'Growler' on your way out. After discovering your favourite beer from the Land and Sea selection, the Growler (pictured) is an economical, handy and eco friendly way to enjoy it at home. How could you not love that?!



BLACK MOON guide - Noosa Land & Sea
BLACK MOON guide - Noosa Land & Sea



Paradise Caves 

Its crazy to think that this hidden beauty is only metres away from the top end of Sunshine Beach. It's not sign posted, and its rarely promoted as a place to visit, as it can be pretty tricky to get to. But if you're keen to check it out, go when the next low tide hits and be prepared to do a bit of scaling down some rocks. If its between May and November you may even be lucky enough to spot a whale off the shore too. 



BLACK MOON guide - Noosa Paradise Caves - Travel Australia



Paradise Arcade

Paradise Arcade is a Mexican inspired restaurant and cocktail bar located in the heart of Noosa Junction, and quite possibly my fav dinner spot in the area.
Ok, I may be slightly biased. I'm a sucker for Mexican food and nothing beats a margarita in my book - available on tap! 
A beautiful mural of Frida Kahlo graces the wall while a nostalgic 90s and 2000s hip-hop playlist reminds you of the good old-days. 



BLACK MOON guide - Noosa Paradise Arcade



BLACK MOON guide - Noosa Paradise Arcade - Travel Australia
BLACK MOON guide - Noosa Paradise Arcade - Travel Australia
BLACK MOON guide - Noosa Paradise Arcade - Travel Australia