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BLACK MOON Travel Bondi guide with Celeste Tesoriero from @thecowboygeisha


We asked Celeste Tesoriero formerly a sustainability manager for Roland Mouret in London and currently a sustainability consultant here in Australia to show us around her local suburb of Bondi. Celeste shows us the hidden gems in her neighbourhood, everything from the best mexican, where to buy bulk, plastic free treats, to community farmers markets and a health food cafe that has everything from ready made juices to palo santo sticks. You can also find Celeste here @thecowboygeisha  Nestled away from the main streets, Orchard St is a homely 'hole-in-the-wall' cafe and health food store offering up ready made juices...

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BLACK MOON guide - Noosa's Hidden Gems


Sometimes the true value of something isn't immediately obvious at a quick glance. But dig a little deeper and you might find all sorts of unexpected beauty. When we decided to move to Noosa we were excited. Amazing beaches, stunning weather, and chill vibes. How could we not be? When we actually arrived we were faced with a daunting feeling of regret. The beaches, weather and chill vibes were on point. But where was the local culture? Honestly, it felt like we were the only people who actually lived here and everyone else was a tourist. What had we gotten...

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